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How to make good coffee


People around the world love taking coffee, especially early in the morning as it helps them kick start their day and enables them get through the morning. While many people love coffee, not many have the skills necessary to brew a really good cup of coffee. For those looking to enjoy a really good cup of coffee, then the following procedure should be followed.




The Coffee Beans


It is very important that the coffee beans used in brewing coffee be very fresh. Fresh coffee beans should not be more than a week old. Fresh beans have a pretty strong smell or aroma and look slightly oily. If the coffee beans do not possess these two characteristics then they are probably stale. They become stale if they get exposed or if they were bought at a grocery store. The best place to buy fresh coffee beans is at the local coffee roaster. The beans are best only immediately after roasting.


How To Store The Coffee Beans


If the coffee beans are to be stored, then they should be stored only in an airtight container. They beans should not be stored in any other container as they will most likely get exposed to air which will rob them of their aroma and freshness. The beans should also not be refrigerated as this does not do them any good. The only good storage is an airtight container.


Grinding the coffee beans


Once the coffee is ready to be brewed the coffee beans will have to be ground. The coffee beans can b e ground in either a burr grinder or a spinning blade grinder. The burr grinder is a better option as it does not roast the coffee further and neither does it diminish the aroma. The spinning blade grinder is also great. The beans should be finely ground. Once ground, the two minute rule applies. This means that the beans should not be let to sit longer than two minutes after grinding. The coffee should be brewed immediately after grinding. It is possible to smell the sweet aroma of coffee during grinding.


Brewing the coffee


As soon as the grinding of the coffee beans is complete, the brewing should begin because the ground coffee is now exposed and begins to lose its aroma and strength. Coffee should be brewed in a good coffee maker. Even a commercial coffee maker can produce some great coffee. A French press is fun and can produce quality coffee but it may result in some coffee residue at the bottom of the cup, so a regular coffee maker will produce some really good coffee.